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What is AutoDCA?

AutoDCA is a platform where you can swap crypto into your favorite tokens using DCA strategies. We aim to provide unique strategies that will allow you to expand your crypto portfolio.

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) is a well-known investment strategy that involves purchasing assets at fixed intervals, regardless of the asset's price. With DCA, investors purchase more of an asset when its price is low and less when its price is high. DCA helps investors reduce the risk of volatility by spreading out their purchases over time, which minimizes the impact of price fluctuations on their portfolios.

What kind of strategies are available on AutoDCA?

We have started with simple one-coin DCA strategies to WBTC and WETH. Checkout our strategies page to see which coins are available. We plan to add more strategies in the future that will allow participants to purchase multiple coins at once balancing the portfolio. Strategies that will allow increasing liquidity in AMMs and strategies that will incentivize participants are also on our roadmap.

How often are strategies executed?

Each strategy defines its own execution triggers like eg. twice a day at 6 UTC and 18 UTC. You don't need to worry about it - just setup how much you are willing to convert weekly and the strategy will take care of it.

On which blockchains AutoDCA works?

AutoDCA operates on Arbitrum and zkSync blockchains

Are smart contracts audited?

Yes. We have been audited by SolidProof.io with no minor findings. Please see the audit report here.

Do I need to deposit funds?

NO! This is what sets AutoDCA apart from others. All you need is for the funds to be in your wallet at the time of DCA. This approach is much safer as there is no vault contract holding all participants funds.

Do I have to withdraw converted funds?

NO! Another advantage is that AutoDCA will automatically transfer funds to your wallet! The wallet that only you owns! You just need to participate once and take advantage from the DCA strategy over time.

What if I don't have enough funds in my wallet?

You will be automatically removed from the strategy leaving a place for another participant. You will need to join again once you have funds in your wallet. In the future we plan adding optional notifications when your wallet do not have enough funds.

What are the fees on the AutoDCA platform?

There is a 0.5% commission on Arbitrum and a 2.5% commission on the zkSync chain

Do I need to pay any gas fee?

Yes, you need to pay network gas fees for joining and leaving the selected strategy.

Is there any minimum amount of USDC to use AutoDCA?

Each strategy defines the minimal amount to participate

Does AutoDCA have its own token?

Yes, AutoDCA have its own token- $DCA

Where can I buy a $DCA token?
Where can I check the $DCA price chart?

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