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AutoDCA Roadmap

The roadmap for the AutoDCA project
We are rapidly building this platform by constantly improving and implementing new features. We aim to provide the best place with complex strategies that will allow you to expand your token portfolio with DCA strategies to make sure you will not buy at the worst possible price 😉
Here's a quick look at what's coming in the coming months:
  • Launch of website and launch of first DCA strategies on Arbitrum mainnet
  • Launch of $DCA token. IDO will be on 04/04 on the ZyberSwap platform.
  • Staking V1. After the token launch, staking will be launched in LP pair WETH/DCA
  • Real Yield. Stakers of $DCA tokens will receive rewards from the profit of the entire AutoDCA platform. Profit will be generated from fees and then distributed to stakers.
  • New strategies on the AutoDCA platform. The new strategies will be more advanced, further maximizing DCA strategies. Examples of the new strategies: a) Value DCA b) Technical Analysis DCA c) Accumulating Buckets of Tokens DCA d) Balanced Accumulating Buckets of Tokens DCA e) LP Auto Staking DCA
  • Airdrop Season 1 👀
  • Governance. Stackers of $DCA tokens will have a relative impact on the development of the AutoDCA platform. Through governance voting, stakers will make decisions on which strategy to implement, which token to add, and more. This will allow customizing the platform primarily for $DCA token stakers.
  • 1st NFT collection. Creating a useful PFP NFT collection will be an integral part of the AutoDCA platform. The collection will allow people to identify with the project, and help build a strong and consistent community
AutoDCA Roadmap