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xDCA Token

xDCA - Unlock the power of #RealYield

Dear community! With 13.07.2023 our great 3-month $DCA staking program finishes. During that time we have distributed 100 000 $USDC to our most important supporters! Rest assured that this is not the end of single asset staking vaults on our platform! We are very pleased to introduce to you a concept of xDCA, an ERC20 representative of locked DCA.
We are introducing xDCA to our tokenomics. Convert your DCA to xDCA and stake it in order to participate in the Real Yield of the platform. Converting xDCA back to DCA will require waiting from 15 to 180 days. Depending on the unlocking duration selected user will receive from 15% to 100% of their xDCA in DCA token. xDCA tokens will be used as rewards in farms and other ecosystem incentives (eg. bribes on Chronos Exchange). 1:1 conversion of DCA will become available from 13.08.2023 and right now we have a great way to get in early and gain an additional 20% BONUS of xDCA.

New DCA staking program with 10 000 USDC rewards and 20% BONUS of xDCA conversion!

Our current DCA staking program automatically will change to the new one, with 10 000 USDC rewards and 20% bonus for xDCA conversion in the end. For the next month (from 13.07 to 13.08) every DCA staker will receive a proportional part of 10 000 USDC as a reward. With each day the unbonding period will get longer lineary up to 180 days at the end of the staking program.
At the end of this staking program, all DCA staked will be converted into xDCA with 20% bonus and automatically staked on behalf of our users.
Example: Imagine, you currently have 1000 DCA staked in DCA single asset staking contract. You can keep this DCA staked and start participating in a new staking program automatically. By not taking any actions over a month you will receive your share of 10000 USDC rewards based on your percentage in the staking vault and in the end, your 1000 DCA will be converted into 1200 xDCA (+200xDCA bonus)!
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